NYC has not produced a band like this in decades.


About SickWalt

In 2014, two New York City natives got together to capture the same explosive spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll that can only be compared to the likes of the early works of the all-time greats like AC\DC, The Stooges, and MC5, to name a few. The band, simply known as SICKWALT is an unapologetic, positive, high-energy, in your face, rock ‘n’ roll band from Astoria, Queens, NY…. Read More

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SICKWALT’s first full length album, SHOVE n’ LOVE! This marks the band’s most developed sound to date, with blazing crisp guitar riffs, thumping & pumping drums and a bottom end that lays the foundation for SICKWALT’s unique vocal style.

Between landing in the mental ward, teaching inmates at the infamous Rikers Island prison for MC5 legend Wayne Kramer and his Jail Guitar Doors program, or partying til sunrise in the back alleys of NYC, SICKWALT wrote SHOVE N’ LOVE through pure experienced passion. Walt remarks, “I absolutely love this 
creation. This record has all the great sounds rock n’ roll has been missing for a good number of years.”

Available on vinyl and all digital platforms…
Grab a copy, settle in, and brace yourself for some inspiring rock ’n’ roll!

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Recent Releases

Heart of a Buffalo (Single)

Oh Weh Ha (Single)


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SickWalt remarks

Critics are Saying


SICKWALT strikes me as the kind of band you really need to see live to appreciate fully, so if you get a chance to take in a performance of these fellas, don’t think about it, just hop to it. Sick Walt is a rock-n-roll band first and foremost but they’re definitely influenced by good old-school punk rock, of that there is no doubt

Robert Rose, PUNK OUTLAW


We have written about this band before because they continually elevate what they are presenting to their audience. Their next album is due out imminently and we cannot wait for SickWalt to open our eyes and ears to the resurgence of rock with a dash of old school punk and some scintillating theatrics thrown in for good measure. And for that, we rock fans are eternally grateful.

Pancakes and Whiskey


Look, let’s be real. We have tons of artists who claim to be the next AC/DC in terms of songs. SickWalt is definitely one of those bands, and you’ve been living in a rut till you’ve heard them. I’ve heard 40 rock artists since the beginning of this year, and SickWalt is one of those few who can make a stadium vibrate with maniacal intensity.

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